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Orders received by 2pm, Monday to Friday only. 

For delivery to the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scottish Highlands, islands, Aberdeen and other rural areas an extra working day needs to be taken into account.
Cost: £6.50

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For delivery to the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scottish Highlands, islands, Aberdeen and other rural areas an extra working day needs to be taken into account.
What is your returns policy?
We are happy to offer a refund, exchange or replacement on all goods returned to us within 14 days from receipt of your goods provided they are in their original, unopened, unused and undamaged condition. We will consider the condition of the goods being returned when making a refund. 

Please note that this returns policy doesn't affect your statutory rights and therefore doesn't affect your right of cancellation.

If you require a refund we will refund the price paid by you for the goods (including the initial standard delivery charge, but not the additional cost of any premium delivery option that was chosen) within 14 days after the day on which we receive the Products back from you or, if earlier, the day on which you provide us with evidence that you have sent the Products back to us, provided that you have returned the goods to us within 14 working days of delivery to you or your notifying us of cancellation.

Refunds will only be made against the original credit/debit card used.
How do I return a product?
To return your order please send it to the following freepost address:

FREEPOST Aestheticare

If you are unsure or have issues with the process please email us at and we'll be happy to help.
Is the AesthetiCare freepost address covered by insurance?
Any parcels sent through the AesthetiCare freepost address which have potentially been lost or stolen are covered by insurance up to the value of £500.00.


Do any BiRetix products contain micro plastics?
No, all BiRetix products are micro plastic free. This is in-line with the UK Government ban on micro plastics in all rinse-off products which came into effect on 1st January 2018.
Do any of the BiRetix products contain parabens?
The BiRetix Mask is the only product within the BiRetix range that contains parabens. All other BiRetix products are paraben free. 

However, the type and strength of the parabens within BiRetix Mask are well within the limits allowed by European legislation.
Do any of the BiRetix products contain phthalates?
No, none of the BiRetix products contain phthalates.
Do any of the BiRetix products contain sulphates?
No, all of the BiRetix products are sulphate-free.
Do any of the BiRetix products contain Methylisothiazolinone?
No, none of the BiRetix products contain Methylisothiazolinone.
Are the BiRetix products vegan friendly? 
Yes, BiRetix products are considered vegan friendly as they do not contain any animal derived ingredients.
Are BiRetix products suitable if I have a nut allergy?
BiRetix products are considered nut free and the manufacturing process is performed in a pharmaceutical laboratory where there are no nuts.

However, Cantabria Labs (the manufacturers of BiRetix) do not perform specific nut analysis on the batches of products.
Will the effects of Emepelle decrease if I use them over a long period of time?
Emepelle products are aimed at women who's skin has been affected by menopause and it's likely that declining oestrogen levels are affecting your skin, making Emepelle the perfect products for your skin's changing needs. 

Emepelle is the only product to contain breakthrough MEP Technology which helps the skin behave as oestrogen were still present. 

In addition Emepelle combines MEP with a blend of powerful ingredients to rejuvenate, restore and rebalance skin affected by menopause. We don't have any evidence which would suggest that following long term use of the products you'll stop seeing the benefits to your skin, however their skin will still of course be going through the natural ageing process. 
Can you use Emepelle Cream morning and night if you only want to use one product?
This is possible, however the cream is intended for night time use as it contains retinol, which makes the skin more sensitive to the sun. 

If you are going to use a morning and evening product, the recommended regime is to use Emepelle Serum in the morning, as it provides daytime antioxidant protection, and Emepelle Cream in the evening containing poweful active ingredients which work while you sleep. 

This combination is supported by clinical studies and is also more cost effective. 
Can Emepelle Night Cream cause irritation?
Emepelle Night Cream, along with MEP Technology, contains a combination of powerful cosmeceutical ingredients including 0.1% Retinol and 0.05% HPR (hydroxypinacolone retinoate). 

As retinol increases skin cell renewal and exfoliation, this can occasionally lead to clients experiencing dry and/or irritated skin whilst using it. 

If this occurs stop use until irritation has subsided before reintroducing the cream gradually - 3 times a week for the 2 weeks or until the skin has built up tolerability to the retinol. 
Can Emepelle be used on the vagina?
Emepelle products are formulated specifically for the face. 

The face contains a high concentration of alpha oestrogen receptors and MEP Technology is expertly refined to contain a high concentration of alpha receptor structured MEP Technology (there are alpha and beta structures of the molecule). 

In addition, all the synergistic advanced cosmeceutical ingredients are selected and combined to maximise efficacy for the face.
Can Emepelle Night Cream be used alongside Rx tretinoin?
We would not recommend the use of Emepelle Night Cream alongside Rx tretinoin as this could lead to over exfoliation of the skin. This could potentially cause some dryness and irritation. 

If you wish to stop using Rx tretionoin we would recommend you use the complete Emepelle regime, both Night Cream and Serum, as this would mean you are getting the full benefits of Emepelle and the MEP technology. This would also be the best option for those with skin affected by menopause and would help combat the oestrogen deficiency. 

If you do not wish to exclude Rx tretinoin from your regime then we would recommend using Emepelle Serum only, as this product does not contain retinoids but does contain fantastic antioxidants, niacinamide, peptides and of course the essential MEP Technology. 

We would advise you to start using Emepelle Serum in the morning only and then build up to morning and evening use if you choose to. 
Can Emepelle be used by men?
Emepelle products featuring unique MEP technology have been specifically designed for women with skin affected by declining oestrogen levels caused by menopause. 

The formulations are however, packed full of additional ingredients such as retinol, niacinamide, peptides and HA which are likely to have positive effect on male skin although, we currently do not have any clinical data to support the results of Emepelle products in men.
How long should the Endocare CELLPRO products last?
If used the recommended amount of times per day, the Endocare CELLPRO products should last as follows:

- CELLPRO Cream = 12 weeks (1 pump per day)
- CELLPRO Gelcream = 12 weeks (1 pump per day)
- CELLPRO Eye Contour = 18 weeks (2 pumps per day)
I began using Endocare CELLPRO less than 2 weeks ago, why has my skin has become red?
Whilst the advanced delivery system of the glycospheres and the ester form of retinoic acid help to enhance skin tolerability, some people may experience some dryness and/or redness when they start using Endocare CELLPRO. 

This is due to the increased skin cell turnover that the Vitamin A stimulates and is a sign that the products are working. We would normally recommend continuing to use the products and any dryness or redness should resolve within a few weeks as the skin acclimatises to the Vitamin A. 

Our skin can respond in different ways to new products and it may be that your skin is getting used to the combination of the RetinSphere Technology with the CAF BioAction Technology, the stem cell activators which are also working to stimulate the skin. 

On the whole, the CELLPRO products are very well tolerated due to their advanced formulation and whilst they work perfectly in synergy with the Endocare Tensage products they can also be used on their own as an effective and popular regime.
Do any of the Endocare CELLPRO products contain palm oil?
All Endocare CELLPRO products contain Palmitoyl Hydroxypropyltrimonium Amylopectin/Glycerin Crosspolymer, a derivate of palm oil, however the supply comes from a sustainable source, RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) members suppliers.
Why is my pigmentation appearing worse following use of Endocare CELLPRO? ?
The exfoliation and increased cell turnover caused by the Vitamin A in Endocare CELLPRO could make your pigmentation appear temporarily more visible, but in time this should reduce and the pigmentation improve. 

The skin cells are shed and the Vitamin A regulates how new melanin is produced and transferred to the epidermal cells. 

Exposure to the sun can also exacerbate the condition, so we would always recommend using a high SPF product, such as Heliocare
Is Endocare safe to use during pregnancy?
Endocare CELLPRO products should not be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding as they contain Retinol / Vitamin A.
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Can someone with a shellfish allergy use Endocare Tensage?
Yes, there is no known cross-reactivity between shellfish and snails. 

In addition, allergy to snails is normally related to oral consumption of the snail meat as opposed to the secretion. Therefore, we do not believe there to be a need for a general caution with this range. 
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Do any of the Heliocare or Heliocare 360 products contain perfume or fragrance?
The Heliocare and Heliocare 360 products are not fragrance or perfume free. 

However, the level of fragrance and perfume that the Heliocare and Heliocare 360 products contain are very low and are tested and validated to be non-sensitising, so it is not expected that they would cause any sensitivity.
Is the Heliocare range chemical free?
The majority of Heliocare products contain a combination of chemical and mineral filters. This optimum combination achieves very high level, broad spectrum protection, while still allowing beautiful formulations that thousands of people love to use every day. 

The exception to this is the Heliocare 360° Mineral Tolerance Fluid, which contains mineral only filters - zinc and titanium dioxide. The Mineral Tolerance Fluid is the perfect product to use post-procedure and has also been tested on sensitive skin. Drying completely clear, it's also a popular choice for men and those with skin of colour. 

All of the filters used in Heliocare products (both chemical and mineral) are highly stable and have an excellent safety profile. 
Is Heliocare effective during sweating / sports / athletics?
Yes, Sweating does not impact the efficacy of Heliocare and reapplication is recommended every 2-3 hours which is a normal level during high UV exposure.
Can Heliocare be used by infants?
Heliocare Cream and Heliocare Spray can be used from the age of 1 year. Heliocare Gel can also be used but as this is less moisturising it would not be recommended as a standard. 

It is recommended by international guidelines that babies under the age of 1 year old completely avoid sun exposure without clothing and that they should not use any topical photoprotection so we would not recommend using Heliocare in this age group. 

Heliocare Oral Capsules can be used from the age of 4 years.
Is Fernblock ethically sourced?
Fernblock, found in every Heliocare product, is a unique and patented extract from the fern Polypodium leucotmos. This fern originates in rainforests in central America which is where it was first discovered and studied. 

However, Heliocare is now an internationally used photoprotection range so it would not be feasible to source the fern directly from these rainforests. The ferns are expertly cultivated at a plantation in the coastal areas of Honduras to ensure ongoing supply whilst maintaining the quality of the extract. 

The fern is an epiphytic fern which means that it grows on other trees and no artificial fertilisers or chemicals are used in the cultivation process.
How long should Heliocare be applied before sun exposure?
The topical Heliocare products contain a combination of mineral filters to reflect UV radiation, non-mineral filters to absorb UV radiation and sunspheres to disperse UV radiation. These components will be effective soon after application of the product to the skin, as they act as a physical 'shield'. 

However, we would usually recommend waiting for approximately 20-30 minutes after application before going out in the sun to ensure that the product has properly absorbed and adhered to the skin. 

We also recommend reapplying Heliocare every 2-3 hours during periods of intense sun exposure and after swimming, sweating or towelling.
Does Heliocare help Polymorphic Light Eruptions (PLE)?
Yes, the Heliocare range can be used by people who suffer from Polymorphic Light Eruptions and other immune-related responses or idiopathic photodermatoses. 

These products contain a natural extract, Fernblock (Polypodium leucotomos), which is proven to provide sun protection. More information on this can be found in a study by Massimo Caccialanza, "Photoprotective activity of oral polypodium leucotomos extract in 25 patients with idiopathic photodermatoses" (2006).
Can Heliocare be used by people with a nut allergy?
Heliocare and Heliocare 360 topical products along with the capsules are considered nut free and the manufacturing process is performed in a pharmaceutical laboratory where there are no nuts.

However, Cantabria Labs do not perform nut analysis on the batches of products.
What are Sunspheres and Ultrasomes in the Heliocare products?
Sunspheres deflect and disperse UV rays, increasing the probability that the mineral and non-mineral filters will reflect or absorb the light. They allow a lower concentration of filters. 

Ultrasomes are enzymes that recognise and eliminate damaged DNA and protect the immune system. 

Sunspheres and Ultrasomes and found within Heliocare Gel 50+, Gel 50, Spray 50, Silk Gel 30, and Gel XF.
Can Heliocare Gel and fake tan be combined to achieve an instant tan whilst also be protected?
We do not recommend mixing any Heliocare products with tanning gel because this mix could deteriorate the galenic formulation of the products and in consequence decrease its photoimmunoprotection capacity. 

There is no way to achieve an immediate tan using a high SPF product. However, it could be achieved after several days, avoiding burns and sun damage (and in turn avoiding photoaging and skin cancer).
Can Heliocare be used as a daily moisturiser?
Yes! Heliocare is used by everyone, every day and provides not only essential UV protection, or enhanced photo protection with Heliocare 360, but also clinically and scientifically proven antioxidant, immunological and DNA protection and repair and photodermatoses protection. 

Heliocare and Heliocare 360 can also be used as daily moisturisers due to their great skin-loving formulations, provided by skin hydrating and moisturising ingredients.
Can you still get a tan if you are taking Heliocare Capsules?
Yes, you can, but the Capsules are not a replacement for topical UV protection and as such should be used in combination with one of the Heliocare high SPF gel or cream formulations. 

The Heliocare Capsules primarily provide protection to the deeper layers of the dermis and therefore a topical product is still necessary to protect the epidermis.
Can Heliocare Oral Capsules be taken during pregnancy and breast-feeding?
Although the product is completely non-toxic, Heliocare Oral Capsules, as well as any other orally administered product, is not recommended during pregnancy or during the breast-feeding period.
Are Heliocare Ultra and Ultra D Capsules gluten free?
Yes, Heliocare Ultra and Ultra D Capsules are gluten free.
Is the production of Heliocare products environmentally friendly?
Yes - Cantabria Labs has a commitment to protecting the environment during the production process. 

The construction of the Cantabria Labs new sustainable production and R&D facility underway in Villaescusa in the north of Spain, is a great example of Cantabria Labs' commitment to protecting the environment. 

Representing an investment of over £20 million, it will use geothermal energy and renewable sources for its energy needs, and minimise emissions into the atmosphere. 

Cantabria Labs also collaborates with Ecoembes and Sigres to ensure maximum recyclability of its materials, and is continuously reviewing its packaging to reduce the quantity of materials used (lighter bottles, boxes and caps). 

Digitalised processes have led to a drastic reduction in the use of paper, while implementation of LED lamps has reduced energy impact. 

All diesel cars have been eliminated from its fleets.
Do the Heliocare 360 products block the absorption of Vitamin D?
UVB is the specific wavelength that when it is absorbed by the skin can produce Vitamin D and for this reason you may think if you use high SPF products will block the production of Vitamin D. 

High-SPF sunscreens are designed to filter out most of the sun's UVB radiation, since UVB damage is the major cause of sunburn and can lead to skin cancers. Nonetheless, clinical studies have never found that everyday sunscreen use leads to vitamin D insufficiency.

In fact, the prevailing studies show that people who use sunscreen daily can maintain their vitamin D levels. At the same time there is overwhelming evidence for the multiple benefits of sun protection. 

Controlled studies have shown that regular use of an SPF 15 or higher broad-spectrum sunscreen reduces your chances of developing squamous cell carcinoma by about 40 percent, melanoma by 50 percent and premature skin aging by 24 percent. 

If there is still a concern about producing sufficient Vitamin D then you can acquire vitamin D from a combination of diet and supplements. Fatty fish such as salmon, mackerel and tuna are especially good sources. Small amounts are also present in egg yolks, beef liver and cheese. And many common foods such as milk and orange juice are fortified with vitamin D. (Read labels, because foods are fortified only when they say they are.) 

It is possible, though not easy, to mix and match these foods to get the daily allowance of 600 International Units (IU) recommended by the Institute of Medicine and The Skin Cancer Foundation for the average person between the ages of 1 and 70. (400 IU is recommended for infants under age 1 and 800 IU is recommended for everyone over age 70.) 
Is there a lower age limit for using Neoretin DISCROM?
The lower age limit for using Neoretin DISCROM products is 18 years old.

The published Neoretin DISCROM study was made on patients aged over 18 years old and we can ensure that no notable side effect were detected.
Are Neoretin DISCROM products suitable for people with a nut allergy?
The NeoRetin DISCROM Serum and Gelcream show no presence of nuts.
Do any of the Neoretin DISCROM products contain wheat?
The NeoRetin DISCROM Gelcream and Serum do not contain wheat.
Can a patient having IPL use NeoRetin?
Yes, although we would recommend that you avoids use of the NeoRetin products on the day of the treatment and can recommence use when the skin has returned to normal post treatment. 

If you are experiencing irritation from using NeoRetin, the NeoRetin should be withheld until the irritation has resolved, although this is uncommon.
Can NeoRetin be used on underarm or bikini line pigmentation?
Yes, this would not be contraindicated. 

However, these area may be exposed to more irritation due to friction from clothing, shaving and perfumed hygiene products in the underarm area. 

NeoRetin should not be applied to broken, inflamed or compromised skin.
Can NeoRetin Gelcream and Serum be used during pregnancy?
We do not recommend the use of NeoRetin Gelcream and Serum during pregnancy. 

There is limited data to support its safe use in pregnant women so we advise that it would be prudent to avoid its use during pregnancy.
Are Neoretin DISCROM products gluten free?
The NeoRetin DISCROM Serum and Gelcream are gluten free and suitable for gluten intolerants (EU Regulation No 828/2014).
Why can't the NEWA device be used around the eye?
The NEWA device has been specifically designed to provide the optimum depth and intensity of heat when treating the skin on the cheeks and jawline. 

The arrangement of the electrodes ensures a controlled and focused delivery of heat to the dermis to kick-start new collagen production resulting in tighter and firmer skin. The skin around the eyes is thinner so it is not recommended to use the NEWA in this area, or any areas other than those specified. 
Is the NEWA Lift Activator Gel vegan-friendly?
The NEWA Lift Activator Gel is vegan friendly and cruelty free. It is not tested on animals and does not contain any ingredient from an animal source.
Can the NEWA device be used over dental crowns?
Yes, the device can be used if someone has dental crowns. The device doesn't go deep enough to affect this.
How long should be left between Botox injections and using NEWA?
You should wait a minimum of 2 weeks after have Botox injections before using NEWA.


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