"This alcohol-free cleaner is perfect to clean your home roller to ensure that it's hygienic and prevent skin irritations."


Dermaroller Home Roller
 Beauty Mouse
 Other home rollers

As the Dermaroller Home Roller and Beauty Mouse are reusable devices, Dermaroller have developed the New Natural Line Roller Cleaner to thoroughly clean them to ensure that your home treatments are as hygienic as possible. Simply spray the cleaner onto the roller head at various angles to get rid of any bacteria.

      Key Ingredients & Technologies

      • Skin kind cleaning and antimicrobial agent help keep your Dermaroller devices hygienic and always ready for use

      How to Use

      Rinse the roller head after application using warm, running water. Shake the Dermaroller Home Roller, Beauty Mouse or other home roller device dry. Spray four times at each angle onto the roller head. Shake dry again afterwards.

      Dermaroller Cleaner - 30ml

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